Outsmarting cancer, together

Omico is a nationwide network of research and treatment centres that facilitates, supports and promotes clinical trials in genomic cancer medicine. Central to this is the use of molecular screening for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Our Vision

Omico will improve outcomes for Australians with cancer by accelerating the use of precision oncology as a research-led model of care, growing the clinical trials industry and modernising the Australian healthcare system.

Our Values

Innovation, Collaboration, and Hope

Our Mission

Masterclass Series

A series of 4 webinars over 4 weeks.

Webinar 1 – Thursday 29th October 2020 4 – 5pm “Molecular pathology in cancer genomics, from sequencer to variant interpretation” – access webinar 1 here

Webinar 2 – Thursday 5th November 4 – 5pm “Translating genomic findings into treatment recommendations” – access webinar 2 here

Webinar 3 – Thursday 12th November 4 – 5pm “Germline Implications” – access webinar 3 here

Webinar 4 – Thursday 19th November 4 – 5pm “Live MTB meeting” – access webinar 4 here

Recent News

Masterclass webinar series - Demystifying the Molecular Tumour Board

Learn how members of a Molecular Tumour Board (MTB) come together to discuss and interpret tumour molecular profiles in the clinical context, recommending therapeutic strategies for the care of patients with cancer. 4 webinars on 29th Oct, 5th, 12th and 19th Nov 2020, 4 - 5pm

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How cancer develops resistance to treatment

The cells of the human body are constantly dividing, and each time need to copy a three billion-letter DNA code with high precision to ensure cell survival. The same is not true for cancers, researchers have discovered.

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A reflection on cancer

Professor David Thomas provides a glimpse of what the future of cancer research could look like.

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