Omico provides access to an intellectually rich network of patient-centred research possibilities, from fundamental research to clinical trials and real-world studies that will change clinical care.

The Omico network sees more than 20,000 new cancer patients each year. Participating research institutions, with a collective research workforce of more than 1,500 basic and clinical researchers, undertake world-class research to accelerate the translation of discovery science into clinical practice.

Why partner with us?

  • Discover therapeutic avenues for patient with advanced cancers
  • Develop basic and translational research into applications of genomics in clinical management
  • Enhance Australian competitiveness as a destination for early phase clinical trials for the global pharmaceutical sector
  • Develop an innovative and a sustainable eco-sytem involving consumers, academic cancer centres, medical researchers and industry partners, to outsmart cancer, together.

Building on strong foundations

Working with us means access to:

  • A national network of thought-leaders, clinicians and researchers, effectively working together to close the gap between science and medicine
  • State-of-the-art resources for genomics and correlative science
  • Existing and productive industry, community and academic partnerships
  • Statistically powered, efficient and cost-effective mechanisms for conducting biomarker-driven clinical research in the right cancer populations.

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