Omico is building global partnerships to deliver the benefits of precision medicine to thousands of Australians affected by cancer.

Omico is designed to accelerate patient access to new or repurposed therapies, based on tumour genomic profiling. This is the basis of precision medicine. We are a national network of cancer research and treatment centres that deliver genomic cancer medicine clinical trials.

Omico has programs aimed at understanding the genetic causes of cancer, and  developing strategies to detect cancers at an early, curable stage for those at increased cancer risk.

MoST Clinical Trials

Our trials portfolio includes:

C1 – MoST Core Studies conducted by Omico

C2 – MoST Companion Studies conducted by other collaborating organisations, leveraging the platform

C3 – MoST Company Studies sponsored by industry partners

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Why partner with us?

The members of Omico see more than 20,000 new cancer patients each year. Participating research institutions, with a collective research workforce of more than 1,500 basic and clinical researchers, provide access to internationally competitive basic research programs that facilitate and accelerate the translation of basic discoveries into the clinic.

We are:

  • an established molecular signal-seeking “live” drug development platform
  • a single portal of entry to national network covering 25 million Australian
  • a high throughput ‘real-time’ matching of the right patients to biomarker directed studies
  • efficient and innovative in our trial design and trial completion
  • a source of biospecimen-rich correlative science and intellectual partnership
  • a network of key opinion leaders in Australian oncology
  • a government endorsed and funded advocate for precision oncology

Our partnerships focus on exploring how working together can deepen our reach and impact while remaining open to the ideas, the influences and possible partnerships with others.

Our work

Being a national genomics-based precision medicine alliance, we bring together like-minded organisations to apply the principles of precision medicine to:

  • bridge the gap to bring the next generation of healthcare to cancer patients
  • use innovation to inform the new “standard of care” for cancer patients
  • stimulate innovative research into the prevention, earlier diagnosis and better treatment of cancers with unmet need
  • increase the access of Australian patients with cancer to innovative therapy

Our Programs

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