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The Precision Oncology Screening Platform Enabling Clinical Trials (PrOSPeCT)

PrOSPeCT is our landmark precision oncology initiative and the largest cancer genomics initiative in Australia. Over 27 months, PrOSPeCT's Cancer Screening Program (CaSP) will provide free genomic profiling to 23,000 Australians with advanced or incurable cancers and identify potential matches for patients to clinical trials with new targeted therapies.

Purpose of PrOSPeCT


Aims and objectives

20,000 patients will receive cutting-edge screening
Through PrOSPeCT, Omico will undertake comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) of people with cancer and unmet clinical need, to efficiently link them to clinical trials for novel biomarker-dependent treatments.

$135 million of savings in health care costs
It is estimated that PrOSPeCT will result in considerable savings for the healthcare system in terms of avoided health interventions, including medicines, tests and additional hospital costs.

$525 million in new direct investment in locally-based clinical trials
The pro-active screening of cancer patients as part of PrOSPeCT will allow Australia to tap into the global cancer research market – currently valued at more than AUD $130B.

650+ new jobs in 2 years
PrOSPeCT is expected to generate new opportunities for research scientists involved in genomics, clinical trials and diagnostics.


PrOSPeCT is a $185 million investment comprising $61.2 million from the Australian Government as part of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative and $25M from NSW Government.

Led by Omico, the program is supported by three core partners:

  • Roche Australia
  • NCI – the National Computational Infrastructure at ANU
  • Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA)

It is also supported by Bayer Australia, Bioplatforms Australia, Elevation Oncology, George Clinical, Illumina Australia, Microba, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Praxis Australia, Quantium Health, Sonic Healthcare, Southern Star Research, and Syntrohealth.

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