About Omico

By bringing together Australia’s major cancer centres, leading research institutes, federal and state governments, industry partners and patients, we are facilitating the delivery of genomic cancer medicine clinical trials to thousands of Australians suffering from advanced and incurable cancers.

We will achieve this by:


Innovating the design of clinical trial and molecular pathology platforms that anticipate the future of precision medicine;


Establishing early detection and risk stratification for personalised cancer risk management;


Improving the quality of life and survival of cancer patients through nationally co-ordinated, collaborative, research-led, evidence-based care;


Growing the health economy through greater engagement with industry.

How OMICO can help you

Our Programs

Using genomics to identify therapeutic options for patients with advanced or incurable cancer and personalise cancer risk.

Our Network

An ecosystem involving federal and state governments, cancer treatment centres, basic and translational research institutes.

Our Partners

Australia’s major cancer centres, advocacy groups, research institutes, industry partners and patients – Outsmarting cancer, together.

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