2020 Masterclass Publications and webinar recordings

A series of 4 webinars over 4 weeks.

Click here to view the Masterclass publication and webinar recordings

OR if you registered for the webinars, you can access them via the Redback website:

Webinar 1 – “Molecular pathology in cancer genomics, from sequencer to variant interpretation” delivered Thursday 29th October 2020 – access webinar 1 recording here

Webinar 2 –  “Translating genomic findings into treatment recommendations” delivered Thursday 5th November – access webinar 2 recording here

Webinar 3 –  “Germline Implications” delivered Thursday 12th November – access webinar 3 recording here

Webinar 4 –  “Live MTB meeting” delivered Thursday 19th November access webinar 4 recording here