Omico Strengthens Leadership Team for Sustainable Growth: Welcomes New Full-time CEO

Sydney, Australia – March 12, 2024 – Omico, the pioneering, not-for-profit, national organisation accelerating access to precision oncology in Australia, proudly announces Ian Black as its new full-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 2 April 2024. Mr Black joins Professor David Thomas, Omico’s founder, who will continue to play a vital role within the organisation.

This transition signifies a pivotal moment in Omico’s journey, a necessary evolution of its organisational structure to effectively manage current priorities, ongoing growth and ensure longterm sustainability.

Ian Black’s appointment enhances Omico’s leadership capacity, leveraging his extensive experience in healthcare management and strategic leadership, particularly highlighted during his tenure as General Manager of Roche New Zealand. He has successfully spearheaded initiatives resulting in sustained financial growth in both Australia and New Zealand through establishing structures to unite multiple stakeholders, including the Oncology Industry Taskforce.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the opportunity, Ian said. “I am honoured to join Omico and work alongside Professor Thomas and the dedicated individuals who share a common passion to bring precision oncology nationally to all who can benefit ” said Ian. He emphasised commitment to building upon Omico’s foundation, fostering collaborations and innovations for transformative benefits for patients and the research sector.

Ian will work closely with Professor Thomas optimising the utilisation of Professor Thomas’ expertise and availability to turbocharge Omico’s ongoing development. Professor Thomas will continue to guide its scientific and strategic direction for future success and sustainability.

Highlighting the importance of strategic leadership in advancing Omico’s mission, Professor Thomas welcomed the new CEO, saying “Ian’s leadership will be instrumental in shaping our organisation’s future and continuing our vital work in the fight against cancer. I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

“Ian and David will be a formidable combination and, supported by the Omico team, the organisation is poised to achieve new heights of innovation and impact in the field of oncology,” said Mr Paul Jeans, Chair of the Omico Board. “Omico has built something truly remarkable, and we’re excited about this new chapter.”

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About Omico

Omico is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to improving outcomes for all Australian cancer patients through facilitating clinical trials and pioneering the use of genomic and molecular screening for prevention and treatment of cancer.

Founded by Professor David Thomas, our mission is to accelerate access to precision oncology and grow the clinical trial sector innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships. We’ve built a nationwide infrastructure uniting researchers, institutes, clinicians, industry partners, and government to support precision oncology research.

One key initiative is the Precision Oncology Screening Platform enabling Clinical Trials (PrOSPeCT), funded by the Australian government and partners. PrOSPeCT aims to screen 23,000 patients with advanced cancer, connecting them to potential clinical trials for targeted therapies.

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