Omico working together with Australian cancer patient advocacy groups

Sydney, Australia – April 18, 2024 – Omico recognises that patient advocacy organisations are experts in understanding the patient, family and community experience with cancer, tailoring information, and support, and advocating for equity of access to the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment and care.

As such, Omico is committed to fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration with the patient advocacy community. We aim to support the groundbreaking opportunity provided by PrOSPeCT (Precision Oncology Screening Platform enabling Clinical Trials), ensuring that people living with advanced or incurable cancer can have accelerated access to personalised medicine, including free comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP).

PrOSPeCT, through its Cancer Screening Program (CaSP), aims to provide free CGP for up to 23,000 Australians with advanced or incurable cancer by the end of 2025. We don’t want a single patient to miss the opportunity to benefit from this initiative. When faced with such a diagnosis, obtaining comprehensive information about their cancer empowers patients and healthcare providers to explore all potential treatment avenues, including novel personalised therapies available through clinical trials.

To enable this, Omico has joined forces with a longstanding partner, Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) and several Australian cancer patient advocacy organisations to establish a Patient Advocacy Advisory Group for PrOSPeCT. The remit of this group unpins a commitment to ensuring equitable access to technological advancements in cancer care. We are thrilled to partner for PrOSPeCT and eagerly anticipate sharing further details about this initiative, the represented patient advocacy groups, and our areas of focus and progress.

Concurrently, Omico has recently welcomed Leanne Kelly as a new team member, tasked with enhancing our engagement with patient advocacy groups within the cancer community. Leanne is actively reaching out to these organisations, aiming to raise awareness about PrOSPeCT and CaSP including how the program operates, the patient experience, eligibility criteria for CGP under CaSP, and how patients can access this groundbreaking initiative.

By sharing this information and resources, we hope that advocacy groups will feel equipped to provide clear, consistent, and appropriate information and support to the patients they serve, as appropriate, about the availability of free comprehensive genomic profiling for Australians with advanced or incurable cancer via PrOSPeCT’s Cancer Screening Program (CaSP).

For further information or resources, please don’t hesitate to contact Leanne Kelly, Marketing Manager (Patient Engagement), at

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