Omico’s National Clinical Trials Network

Sydney, Australia – April 18, 2024 – Omico is dedicated to advancing cancer treatment and care by establishing and supporting a network of clinical trial sites. Coordinated by Lucille Sebastian, the Omico National Clinical Trials Network (ONCTN), aims to broaden treatment options to patients whilst improving equitable access to clinical trials. This endeavour involves collaboration with various stakeholders including clinical trial units, clinicians, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.

Lucille summarises the ONCTN’s mission: “Our goal is to build and support a network of clinical trial sites that deliver the latest treatment options to cancer patients through clinical trials. By coordinating the distribution of trials, we strive to provide more equitable and sustainable access to cutting-edge treatments for patients across all centres. This collaborative effort benefits patients, clinicians, clinical trial operations staff, and pharmaceutical companies.” Lucille Sebastian

A distinguishing feature of the ONCTN is its networked approach, which revolves around leveraging      Omico’s national population molecular screening. This strategy not only facilitates matching patients to treatments, but also enables patient access to trials close to home, including in regional centres.      This innovative approach allows for a more targeted and personalised approach to clinical trial enrolment and treatment delivery, ultimately improving patient outcomes and access to cutting-edge therapies.

Looking ahead, the ONCTN aims to cultivate career and research opportunities for Clinical Academic and Operations faculty members. It also seeks to streamline grassroots clinical trial start-up processes to expedite access to treatments for patients.  These objectives align with Omico’s overarching vision of fostering inclusivity and value to stakeholders in the pharmaceutical landscape. With ongoing initiatives such as the Praxis training program and collaborations with an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies, the ONCTN continues to make a significant impact for its stakeholders in the field of cancer research and treatment.

For further information on Omico’s National Clinical Trials Network, contact Lucille Sebastian at