Seeking pancreatic cancer breakthroughs

Pancreas cancer (PC) has very low survival rates that haven’t really improved over the past 4 decades. Until recently, trials of new therapies for PC have proven extremely difficult. This is not for lack of promising ideas. A major barrier to impact has been a systematic mechanism to bring these ideas to patients, in a meaningful timeframe, and allow the power of science to give them a better treatment.

The Translational Program integrates the research and clinical expertise of the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative (APGI), the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Matrix Atlas (APMA) and the University of NSW (UNSW) Sydney Pancreatic Cancer Hub, with the successful national clinical framework of the MoST clinical trials program.

“We have seen improvements in pancreatic cancer over the last decade, but they have been extremely slow and incremental,” Professor Goldstein says. “Research is the bedrock from which changes in outcome appear. We hope this Translational Program Grant will help us to contribute to a big breakthrough.”

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