Unlocking the Power of Real-World Data at Omico

Sydney, Australia – April 12, 2024 – “It is clear to me that the information we collect as part of patient recruitment, pathology reporting, comprehensive genomic testing, and patient follow-up is an incredibly rich source of information useful for government, researchers, and industry. To my knowledge, what we are creating at Omico is the richest large-scale source of information across ANZ in understanding the cancer patient journey. Only through a clear understanding of this are we able to create insights to improve patient outcomes, health policies, and treatment options.” Ronald Chan.

Ronald Chan – Chief Data Officer at Omico wants to ensure that the real-world data we collect continues to remain a valuable asset to Omico, strategic partners, and also the wider community.

With respect to our landmark initiative PrOSPeCT, supporting Omico on this journey are two key partners, Quantium and Australia’s largest supercomputing centre, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI Australia). Quantium is well known  in the data science and artificial intelligence space and assists by providing its advanced analytical firepower. In parallel, NCI provides a secure and protected environment to house data from PrOSPeCT and a powerful platform for sharing data to enable the analysis of large quantities of genomic information, effectively bringing precision medicine to real-world data.

As the PrOSPeCT initiative builds momentum, much work is being done to continuously improve data governance, data quality, and data enrichment. A recent exciting achievement is the successful linkage of consented patients to medicine and procedures information through the PBS and MBS databases. Creating a rich dataset is one clear way to positively impact the lives of current and future cancer patients, and by providing this valuable resource back to the wider community Omico can create a sustainable model to continue its mission of outsmarting cancer together.

If you’re thinking that a specific analysis of our data may assist you with a current or future project, please contact Omico’s Chief Data Officer, Ronald Chan at r.chan@omico.org.au.