We have entered into a collaboration agreement with Oncoshot

As one of the first of its kind in Australia, this collaboration will be regarded as a potential reference model for Australian healthcare when it comes to data sharing between private and public healthcare stakeholders. As a leading Australian cancer research network, Omico’s mission is to improve outcomes for Australians with cancer by accelerating the use of precision oncology as a research-led model of care, growing the clinical trials industry, and modernising the Australian healthcare system.

Thank you to Oncoshot CEO Huren Sivaraj for joining Omico CEO David Thomas and Deputy CEO Vera Terry at the signing event, as well as to guests of honour Dr. Shanny Dyer, CEO of ARCS Australia and Dr. Xiaowei Shi, VP Head of APAC Clinical Operations BeiGene.

Read more about our collaboration with Oncoshot, and the journey ahead as we build a more secure and efficient data-driven ecosystem for cancer research and trials together.